Enter Friends and Enter August

Readjusting to being alone again in the house took some time. But I had plenty to keep me busy, and focused on the week ahead. I was hoping that the lull from the weekend was just an aberration, and geared up for what I hoped was a return to busy days and lots of sales.

Decorations up in Parque Central for a local holiday.

Scoping out the internet situation.

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Mother’s Visit Breaks All Sales Records!

Running a bakery basically means two things to me right now: working and sleeping. That’s it. Left to my own devices, that’s all I would do. Fortunately, I have friends in town and guests visiting who have allowed/prodded/cajoled me to get out and do more. And because of how exhausted I am at the end of each day and week, the blog has fallen by the wayside. However, I’ve managed to muster the energy to bring you all an update on what recent events at Canela Antigua have been like!


Sourdough in formation, resting before the final shaping.

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