Adding to the Menu

After the big day at Caoba on my second weekend, I was looking ahead to what more I could do. Sure, I could (and would) bring more products to the market, but I also wanted to expand my repertoire. I’d been telling people, “Yeah, I’ll have that soon,” or “That’s going to be down the road a bit,” when asked about certain products. But instead of procrastinating, as I had been, I decided that when I published the coming week’s schedule and menu on the Canela Antigua Facebook page, I would commit myself to some new products.

Time to step up the game.

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A Banner Day at Caoba

With the busy weekend, and my first Saturday market, behind me, I was able to look ahead to a calmer, but still full week. Just like with Smorgasburg last fall, gearing up for the first outing was the hardest. Now I had systems in place, plenty of dough ready to go, and all the little things (signs, business cards, etc.) in order.

Monday morning bread. The best looking loaf I’ve made so far.

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Making Bread

Where I last left off, I was recovering from a bout of food poisoning or some bug that was going around town. Either way, after feeling better Monday and still laying low, I woke up Tuesday morning feeling great and ready to get back to it. Number one on my priority list was testing out the new oven for bread making. With both its size (up to five racks in at a time) and convection fan, it would – in theory – allow me to bake many more cookies and loaves of bread (and everything else) at once.

But bread, especially, is very tricky to pull off properly. Assessing how my types of bread dough responded in this new oven, and how to adjust to create the best possible loaves, was a critical venture. Tuesday morning, I began the process. I mixed a medium-sized batch of dough (enough for four loaves) in the morning, and performed a series of folds over the course of a few hours. This initial period is known as the bulk fermentation, or first rise.

First batch of dough prepared especially for the new oven.

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